MysteriesThe Wall on Fruitridge, The Sheets Mausoleum at Highland Lawn, The Glen Estate, a.k.a Pi Kappa Alpha

The Wall on FruitridgeHulman St & S Fruitridge Ave, Terre Haute, IN

wall on fruitridge

The Wall on Fruitridge that has a story to tell. Back in the day before Terre Haute was as populated as it now is, boys used to test their manly-ness on this road. They would come out with their cool cars and go drag racing. One night a couple of boys decided it was their turn to battle it out on the road. They revved up their engines and took off. That night one boy died, he flew out of his car and landed head first into a stone wall. It is said that if you go out to Fruitrigde at night, you can see the boys' haunted face in the stone wall staring back at you to this day.

The Sheets Mausoleum at Highland Lawn4420 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN

Sheets Mausoleum

The Sheets MausoleumSheets Mausoleum at Highland Lawn has an old tale that goes along with it. It is said that the man who is buried there when alive, had an obsession with being buried alive. Before he passed he built this Mausoleum and equipped it with a phone so he could call if he needed let out. He also made sure that his casket had latches on the inside so he could unlock it himself if need be. After he passed he was placed in his resting place, a few years later his wife was found clutching a telephone after a heart attack. It is said that when they placed her in the Mausoleum, the old man's phone was off the hook.

The Glen Estate, a.k.a Pi Kappa Alpha71Glen Estate40 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN‎ ‎

The Glen Estate, now known as the Pi Kappa Alpha Iota Delta Chapter's fraternity house has a few ghost stories associated with it. The estate at one point was an orphanage which is where most of the houses' stories come from.Glen Estate There is said to be two boy spirits that haunt the old home. One is nice, the other not so nice. If the nice one gets comfortable enough with a person he is said to tell the story of how he was abused in the home and then about the way he killed himself there. Rumors also say that the infamous cult leader Charles Manson spent time there in his younger years while was housed in the nearby Gibault Scholl for Boys. The Estate houses a cemetery to this day.