The History of Terre HauteSchools, Businesses, Museums, Mysteries and People


SchoolsRose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Indiana State University & Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

St. Marys of the WOodsThere are three main colleges in the area that provide history to Terre Haute, Indiana. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology began as an all male school, but now there are also females in attendance. The school is ranked number one for undergraduate engineering. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College began as an institution to provide higher learning for women, and to this day remains an all women’s college. Indiana State University began as a normal school and has grown tremendously over the years. It has a wide variety of majors of study that have attracted a great number of students, making it one of “The Best in the Midwest.”

PfizerBusinessesTerre Haute International Airport, Pfizer, Sony DADC

Many businesses in Terre Haute have also made an impact on the town. Hulman and Company was started in Terre Haute but later became Clabber Girl which is still one of the top selling baking powders in the country today. The Terre Haute International Airport was started on land donated by the Hulman family. Companies like Pfizer helped to dig Terre Haute out of the hole of unemployment after World War II.

MuseumsClabber Girl Museum, Vigo County Historical Museum & Children's Museum‎

Clabber GirlTerre Haute’s attractions are as diverse as the people who travel through. Take a look here to decide whether you want to visit one of our museums or maybe have a little friendly family activity. We’re sure you’ll enjoy what you find. There are tons of museums around Terre Haute that commemorate its wonderful history. One on the most prominent would be the C.A.N.D.L.E.S. museum which teaches children and adults about the effects of hatred and prejudice by educating them about the Holocaust.

Above: The Glen Estate

MysteriesThe Wall on Fruitridge, The Sheets Mausoleum at Highland Lawn, The Glen Estate, a.k.a Pi Kappa Alpha

Terre Haute has tons of fun and some spooky myths and legends. One of the most known is about a man who was so scared of being buried alive that he built a mausoleum and inserted a working telephone so if he were ever to be buried alive he could call for someone to rescue him! Other include a spotting of Charles Manson, and seeing faces in brick walls!

Paul Dresser
Above: Paul Dresser

PeoplePaul Dresser, Colonel Francis Vigo, Chauncey Rose, Hulman Family‎

Terre Haute has numerous people that have influenced the history. The Hulman family has made the largest impact on Terre Haute through their plethera contributions to better the schools, museums, and businesses. Chauncey Rose was one of the greatest entrepreneurs and businessmen of his time. While in Terre Haute he worked with the railway business and helped to create the present day Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Paul Dresser impacted the whole state of Indiana by composing the song “On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away,” which is now the state song of Indiana.